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We are excited about the great possibilities that lie ahead in the publishing arena. We will continue marketing our internationally famous Just 4 Kids Magazine and our library of books that have been produced in-house. First Coast is seeking an investment whereby we will utilize these funds to establish an office, hire personnel and begin marketing our next phase of publications. These funds will be sufficient to finance the transition through the growing phase so that our business will continue to operate as an on-going profitable enterprise.

As the amount of information continues to multiply at an accelerated rate we all want a medium whereby we can identify businesses within our geographic area that want our business and that will offer us the next level in customer service. We want to be able to voice our concerns one to another about our relationships, our children, our families and our faith. And we want to know areas that are safe to visit throughout the Americas, and entertainment venues that offer good, clean entertainment when we visit. We believe we have projects that will meet the needs of our subscribers, as well as the demographics of our advertisers.

First Coast Magazine will promote Austin and Texas as the First Coast in entertainment and technology. We feel our strategy to combine these two industries will enhance our editorial scope and enlarges the magazine as a medium for business. First Coast Travel and Tourism will promote areas throughout Texas, the Gulf Coast region, and throughout the Americas. Our Express News will promote different regions within Texas.

Initial contacts identified major markets desiring to handle our products as well as Asian and European markets that want to distribute many of the magazines. Advertising revenues and booking opportunities will open doors to income, as will cross promotions. We believe many investment opportunities will avail themselves because of our publishing venues. This is a tremendously exciting time to be involved in the publishing industry.

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