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The following books and magazines have all been produced in-house and are currently For Sale over the Internet. We plan on expanding the offering of these publications through bookstores and churches around the world.

Just 4 Kids Magazine - 12 monthly issues

• Jan - 70 pages - Creation
• Feb - 56 pages - The Best Kind of Love
• March – 63 pages - What is Everlasting Life? How long will God love me?
• April - 108 pages - Beyond the Easter Bunny
• May - 104 pages - Mother's Day Special Issue
• June - 100 pages - Father's Day Special Issue
• July - 70 pages - 4th of July Focus on Christian History of America
• August - 100 pages - Finding Treasure Island - Paul's Journeys
• September - 100 pages - Walking in God's Awesome Power
• October - 70 pages - Prepare to be in the Lord's Army
• November - 62 pages - Thanksgiving Issue
• December - 25 Days of Advent

Books Produced In-House

25 Days of Advent Just 4 Kids.
213 pages of family Adventures full of great lessons, devotions, crafts, activities, legends and stories for each day Dec 1st to 25th.

More Christmas and Easter Books and CDs
25 Days of Adventures - This 68 page storybook has 25 days of short stories for kids to be read each day of Advent. Each story accompanies the lessons from Just 4 Kids Magazine's 25 Days of Advent.

25 Days Advent Calendar, ABC & 12 Days of Christmas Cards
Colorful pages of 25 Days Advent Calendar, ABC & 12 Days of Christmas Cards.

25 Days of Christmas CD

Beyond the Easter Bunny CD
A Collection of the Best Easter Stories

Easter with Grandpa CD
Grandpa teaches his grandchildren about Jesus and why we celebrate Easter.

The Donkey's Path to Bethlehem
This story was written by a 14 year old about the night Baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

Children's Christmas Storybook
This is one of our favorite and most popular books now reprinted it in a newly designed edition.

Just 4 Fun Activities Just 4 Kids (Book)
The best "Just 4 Fun" pages from Just 4 Kids Magazine. Puzzles, crosswords, mazes, activities, games and more fun just for kids.

The Beatitudes (Book)
The 8 Truths Jesus taught about from The Sermon of the Mount. Written for children, and understood by everyone. This wonderful book is Just 4 Kids Magazine's most popular e-book and is now available in a colorful print perfect bound book. Includes 8 lessons with Questions, Journaling and Scriptures.

The Beatitudes (Workbook)
My Beatitudes Workbook goes with our Beatitudes Book. 20 pages of lessons on the Beatitudes with questions, scriptures and journaling.

My Little Bee Book
The Beatitudes teachings for preschoolers.

The 9 Fruits of the Spirit

9 Fruits Workbook

Jamie's Favorite Recipes
These are great, quick recipes by this wonderful young woman of renown.

Teaching Children How To Pray
This delightful colorful book teaches children how to pray. IT is written especially for children and is easy to understand.

Jesus - My Best Friend
This book is written for children. 5 stories about Jesus' best friends with 5 lessons.

The Life of Jesus for the Young
The Life of Jesus Christ for the Young is a reprint of the book by Rev. Richard Newton.

Finding Treasure Island
The stories of Paul and his adventures from the Bible stories in Acts.

God's Princesses Forever Book
God's Princesses are girls that love Jesus and God the King of Kings. The Forever Series is 5 books in one. This little book helps girls learn that they are special because they are daughters of God.

God's Princesses Book 1
Book One - Seven princesses teach about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

God's Princesses Book 2
Book Two - Shine Girl Shine" gives young girls beauty tips to be the best they can be and shine from the inside to the outside.

God's Princesses Book 3
Book Three - Teaching young Christian girls how to be dazzling and sparkle like true princesses. Great confidence builder for young girls.

God's Princesses Book 4
Book Four -Teaches young girls the true characteristics of being a princess.

God's Princesses Book 5
Book Five - Best Friends Forever - This little book teaches young girls how to be a friend. Lesson and story and fun activity pages.

Kylee the Ladybug
This story teaches the virtue of Honesty.

Sierra the Songbird
Teaching children the importance of the virtue of Cheerfulness.

I am Wonderfully Made
A colorful book for children with scriptures and pages ready to be filled out with special information on the child.

Beautiful pages for children on the story of creation.

The Seed
Story for children about a little seed that needs good soil, lots of water and sunshine to grow.

Just 4 Kids Best Collection of Stories
Four children stories on Creation, I Am Wonderfully Made, The Seed and Teaching Children How to Pray.

Wee Ones Bible Stories
Reprint of 1903 Wee Ones Bible Stories.

Maundy Thursday Family Celebration
Celebrate Maundy Thursday with your family. Plays for children, foods to prepare.

Mother's Stories for Children
A Collection of wonderful stories to be read by mothers to their children. Reprint of 1928 book.

Samuel, the prophet of God. Written for pre-school age children.

Little Folded Hands
Children's Prayer Book Contains 60 pages of prayers for children.

The Original McGuffey Spelling Book
Used in the early education system of the United States.

Servant of God
This book contains stories of God, and faith in Jesus Christ.

Destruction of Man
Book explores the brokenness of man and his relationship with self, family, friends and God.

The following are areas of interest that will be pursued in our next phase of publishing.


• Just for Kids Magazine – Children and Educators Worldwide
• First Coast Magazine – Entertainment and Technology
• JCI First Coast Travel and Tourism Magazine – Throughout the Americas
• Gandy Dancers - Music Magazine
• Northwest Expressway – Explosive Business Growth of NW Austin
• 290 Express – Houston to Austin News
• I10 Express – East/West Growth and Opportunities
• I35 Express – Laredo, Texas to Minnesota – What’s Happening
• Kids Talk USA – Safe Interaction for Kids who Want to Make a Difference
• Teens Talk World – Teens Chatting Around the World - Change and Opportunity
• Couples Talk – Couples communicating with challenges they face
• Parents Talk – What works – what doesn’t
• Singles Talk – How to remain pure and find God’s perfect mate for you

Screenplays – Movies/TV

• Screenplay – Brown Boot
• Screenplay – Destruction of Man – The Brokenness of One
• Screenplay – Silly Old Grandpa
• Screenplay – Got 35 Cents
• Screenplay – The Challenger Explosion
• Screenplay – Hope – The Talking Cat
• Screenplay – Coaches Kids


• Educational – Short Stories
• Children’s Books
• Flyers/Pamphlets/Brochures
• Newsletters
• Theater Posters
• Copies of Books Ready to Sell
• Other Books ready to Drop Ship
• Books/Cassettes
• How to Books

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