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    The purpose of JCI Beacon of Light Christian Storehouse, Inc., is to market products and services to individuals and government installations worldwide. The government currently spends over one hundred million dollars per year on religious material. We will direct market to twenty thousand identified decision makers who each average spending between twenty-five and forty thousand dollars per year on religious material. Another stage of marketing will be to offer products through an on-line web site. Millions of people worldwide are currently on the Internet, and those figures increase every month. Finally, we will reach into Latin America representing products to a Hispanic market.

    The Christian market is currently a Three Billion Dollar niche market reaching a small percentage of this market's potential. Studies conducted over the past three years have shown that over seventy percent (70%) of the American population claims to be Christian, yet only twelve percent (12%) of this seventy percent (8.4%) shop in a Christian bookstore one time per year. We believe we are sitting on the verge of a literal worldwide explosion in this industry, which has the potential of more than tripling to a ten billion dollar market within three to five years.

    Marketing to the military and all branches of government has been very lucrative for the businesses that have the foresight to approach this market. Our government’s desire is to purchase products and services from small business suppliers, and the timing is excellent for getting involved. I feel the opportunity is unlimited in the days ahead.

    The majority of publishers and manufacturers contacted are very interested in approaching this lucrative government market, but do not have the expertise necessary to wade through the bureaucratic red tape. This is where we come in. By serving the Christian publishers who want to penetrate this market, and the purchasing agents who want to stay abreast of products that are available to purchase, we believe we can create Win-Win strategies for buyers and sellers.

    Knowing the market, understanding the procurement process, and having the desire to provide the very best in customer service to our government will win markets. Even when a company can compete in price, no other company can compete with our level of customer service. And service sells.

    At present, the Company has approached three different segments of our target market. We have conducted studies in (a) marketing to the military through Online Electronic Bidding, (b) marketing to Christian publishers and manufacturers to solicit advertising to approach the government market, and (c) contacted Chaplains worldwide to determine if there is a need for our service. The response was overwhelming, and our service is very much needed. We will provide the very best is products and services worldwide.

    The response from Military Chaplains was overwhelming. Our expectations were high when we sent out our initial mailer to Chaplains worldwide, the response we received surprised even us. I also feel we will have a tremendous opportunity to fulfill the needs of the individual soldiers and their dependents as well.

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